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Roshen Minky Binky Toffee 1Kg

Roshen Minky Binky Toffee 1Kg
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Roshen Minky Binky Toffee 1Kg
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ROSHEN caramel products can surprise, delight and give a real joy. In Klaipeda Factory they produce a unique caramel like “Roks”, some processes of its production are so delicate that must be done manually. We produce the type of caramel that contains natural milk cream, and another type that is made of various fruit and berry juices. Among the chocolates you will find everything that your heart may desire. The classics include unsurpassed “Monblanc”, “Chervonyi mak”, “Lishchyna”, “Karakum”, “Romashka”. If you prefer jelly in chocolate - then choose “Choco Crazy”, anything dizzy goes with “Cherry in chocolate”, crispy need stands for “Slyvki-lenyvki”, “Jonny Krocker” or “Konafetto”. Creamy lovers will enjoy “Ko-Ko Choco” and “De Luxe”, while admirers of nougat, caramel and nuts will appreciate "Candy Nut". And all that is by no means all among the variety of our chocolates!

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